Creation and status

The Broadcasting Authority of Malta is an independent statutory body and was set up under the Constitution in September 1961 to regulate radio and television services in the Maltese Islands. The functions of the Broadcasting Authority are laid down under Section 118(2) of the Constitution of Malta while the Broadcasting Act 1991 lays down broadcasting regulations.


The Authority is made up of a Chairman and four other members who are normally appointed for a three year term but who may be re-appointed to serve for a further term. The Constitution of Malta provides that the Chairman and Members of the Broadcasting Authority are appointed by the President of the Republic acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister given after the latter had consulted the Leader of the Opposition.

Composition :

Frank Faruggia,Chairman

– Alessandro Lia, Member

-Francis Ghirxi, Member

-Peter Fenech, Member

– Charlo Bonnici, Member


The Broadcasting Authority supervises all local broadcasting stations and ensures their compliance with legal and licence obligations as well as the preservation of due impartiality; in respect of matters of political or industrial controversy or relating to current public policy; while fairly apportioning broadcasting facilities and time between persons who belong to different political parties. The Broadcasting Authority ensures that local broadcasting services consist of public, private and community broadcasts that offer varied and comprehensive programming to cater for all interests and tastes.


Broadcasting Authority
7 Mile End Road
Hamrun HMR02

Tel: (+356) 2122 1281 – (+356) 2124 7908
Fax: (+356) 2124 0855