Creation and status

The Media Commission (MC) of Jordan is a statutory body in Jordan which enjoys a financial and administrative independent juristic personality. It is a new body created from a merger of the Department of Press & Publications and the Audiovisual Media Commission in 2014 through Restructuring of Institutions and Government Departments law no. 117/2014. It functions under two laws: The press & Publications Law and the Audio-Visual Law.
MC oversees licensing and regulating of the media sector in Jordan. The General Manager is appointed by a decision of the Council of Ministers upon the recommendation of the prime minister.


President : Ajmad al-Quadi, since 4 May 2014.


The roles and missions of the Media Commission are as follows:

  • Implementing public media policies endorsed by the government, contributing to the preparation of national guidance plans and making sure they reach to different media outlets;
  • Regulating and developing media outlets (printed, electronic, audio-visual) and creating investment friendly environment while maintaining the national values and ethics, diversity and variation among all different sectors of the society;
  • Putting forward and implementing the professional and legal criteria for granting licenses under the umbrella of the constitution and the international standards for media freedom; Enhancing media professionalism through organizing training workshops, conducting research and holding conferences.