Creation and status

The National Audiovisual Council of Lebanon was established in 1994 in accordance with Article 19 of Law No. 382/1994 on Radio and Television Broadcasting. The Council consists of 10 members, half appointed by the government and half by the Parliament.

The first Council was appointed in 1996. The current Council was appointed in 2005.

It acts as an advisory body to the Council of Ministers, under the Ministry of Information. Its budget is approved by the Parliament and included in the one of the Ministry of Information.



Abdul Hadi Mahfouz, President
Ibrahim Awad, Vice- President
Fouad Daaboul, member and secretary
Hassan Hamade, member in charge of European relations
Ghaleb Kandil, member in charge of Arabic and international relations
Milan Obeid, member
Paul Khalife, member
Georges Hajjar, member
Rita Charara, member

The powers of the Council are advisory until the new law comes into force.


The National Audiovisual Council is in charge of:

  • monitoring the performance of the media;
  • making reports at the request of the Ministry of Information on the content of programs and news implementation and make appropriate recommendations to the Council of Ministers;
  • organizing workshops for the development of expertise;
  • endeavoring to develop laws and regulations;
  • conducting studies of applications for permits and renewals granted to the media.



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