Creation and status

The Audiovisual Council of Andalusia is an independent audiovisual statutory authority established by Law 1/2004 of 17 December 2004. It provides for the appointment of the members of the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia by the Parliament of Andalusia in a democratic way.


The Council is made up of a Chairman and eight other members who are usually appointed for a five-year term but who may be re-appointed to serve for a further term. According to law there have to be the same number of men and woman. It has a staff of forty employees serving in three departments: Contents Department, Organization Department and Legal Department. The Council counts with nine members chosen by the Parliament of Andalucia upon theur competencies in the fields of audiovisual communication, sciences, education, culture and sociology. The term of their mandate is 5 years renewable one time for the same period. The 9 members choose among them the President of the Council who is then nominated by the the Council of Ministers of the Junta of Andalucia.


  • Antonio Checa Godoy, President
  • Joaquín Durán Ayo, Member
  • Paulino Garciá Garcia, Member
  • Pilar Jimeno Llerena, Member
  • Ana Millán Muñoz, Member
  • Mateo Risquez Madridejos, Member
  • Juana Amalia Rodriguez Hernández, Member
  • Maria Luisa Suero  Muñoz, Member
  • Pilar Távora Sanchez, Member


Role and mission: The Audiovisual Council of Andalusia is an independent audiovisual authority that guarantees the respect for rights, freedoms and constitutional and statutory values in the media field in Andalusia. It also protects fundamental rights for all citizens and safeguards pluralism in broadcasting. Independence and autonomy are the elements which typify its activity and its decisions. Guarantor for operators and consumers:

  • Operators, by means of: Guarantee the pluralism and non-concentration.
  • Consumers, by means of: Strict control on quality and distribution services and products, including advertising.

Competencies, powers and duties

In terms of the provisions laid down by the Law 1/2004, the Audiovisual Council must guarantee the freedom of speech, right to honour and privacy, truthful information, broadcasting and communication, equality and non discrimination, as well as pluralism, objectivity and free competition in the audiovisual market.

The Council will encourage values of tolerance, equality, solidarity and respect for human dignity, so that broadcasters strengthen the Andalusian identity, its cultural diversity and its social, economic and regional consistency.

Another competence is the promotion of self-regulation.


The Audiovisual Council of Andalusia ensures that channels perform their obligations at law and in accordance with their licence conditions. Infringements of the law are brought to the attention of the Council either through monitoring exercises conducting by its own monitoring staff or through complaints received from members of the public, institutions and organizations (Defence of the Audience Office). The Council only monitors those channels that broadcast in Andalusia (autonomous and local channels).

Patry Political Broadcasts

The Audiovisual Council of Andalusia has set up a workshop for guaranteeing properly balanced discussions or debates that allow people from different political groups or different points of view express themselves.


The Audiovisual Council is empowered to penalize those broadcasters which do not perform their duties by audiovisual and advertising law, according to Law 1/2004, in its article 33.

Other Competencies

It guarantees the respect for the protection of children and teenagers, the avoidance of any kind of violence on TV or addictive substances, the implementation of gender equality and the promotion of non discriminatory behaviours.

Activity Report

The Council will take the measures that the plenary session finds advisable. They can be recommendations, decisions or statements.

The Audiovisual Council of Andalusia also promotes meetings and seminars, research and publications in which topics of its competence may be developed.

International Relations

The Audiovisual Council of Andalusia is a member of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities, of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and of the PRAI (Platform of regulators of the audio-visual sector of iberoamérica)


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