The 6th meeting of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 22-23 January 2004, under the presidency of Mr Alecos Evangelou, Chairman of the Cyprus Radio Television Authority.

During the meeting it was unanimously agreed that Mr Alecos Evangelou will continue to hold the presidency of the Mediterranean Network until the organization of the next Network meeting which will take place in France in 2005.

It was further agreed that Mr Evangelou, in consultation with the Secretariat, will prepare suggestions regarding the structure of the Network.

The regulatory authorities of Catalonia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Turkey are Members of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities.

The Network, during its Meeting in Nicosia, agreed to extend membership to the National Council for Radio and Television of Albania and the Telecommunications Market Commission of Spain.

Furthermore, representatives from the Second Radio and Television Authority of Israel, the Ministry of Information of the Palestinian National Authority and the Egyptian embassy in Cyprus, participated as guests to the Meeting.

During the meeting, papers concerning the regulation of satellite broadcasting in France and in the European Union and the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting were discussed. Moreover, there was a discussion and exchange of views regarding the enlargement and the reinforcement of the Network, so that independent regulatory authorities belonging to other countries of the Mediterranean basin, can also become members to the Network.

The Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities was established on 29 November 1997 in Barcelona and it provides a platform for discussion and exchange of information and research on issues regarding broadcasting regulation. Its mission station is to reinforce cultural and historical links between Mediterranean countries and identify common challenges against the backdrop of globalization.

The Permanent Secretariat of the Network (which was agreed to be renamed as General Secretariat) is provided by the French Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel in association with the Catalonia Broadcasting Council and the Cyprus Radio Television Authority.