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AEM (Agency for Electronic Media)

Agency for Electronic Media

Foundation and Status



The Agency conducts administrative, expert and technical activities for the Council.


The bodies of the Agency are Director of the Agency and the Council for Electronic Media, which is the governing body of the Agency.  Director of the Agency represents and manages the Agency and is responsible for the operation of the Agency departments.

The President of the Council for Electronic Media and the Director of the Agency is appointed by the Parliament. For carrying out the activities of the Agency, in accordance with the Regulation on the internal organization of the Agency for Electronic Media, the following internal units are established: Office of the Director, Department for monitoring and analysis of media content, Department of Management and Financing, Legal Department.


Legal Framework

The Electronic Media Act (OG 153/09; 84/11) regulates the rights, obligations and responsibilities of legal and natural persons that provide audio and audiovisual media services and services of electronic publications by electronic communication networks, and the interest of the Republic of Croatia in the field of electronic media. Council for Electronic Media, issued a series of Ordinances, which are in accordance with the Law on Electronic Media.


  • The Council conducts the procedure of granting a concession in compliance with the Electronic Media Act (Act) and Concession Act;
  •  enters into a concession contract with the most advantageous tenderer pursuant to this Act;
  • passes a decision on the cancellation of concession and granting in cases anticipated by the Act; undertakes appropriate measures for the purpose of temporary limitation of the freedom to broadcast audiovisual media services from other states;
  • conducts the procedure of granting licences for providing the activities of audio and/or audiovisual media services on demand and satellite, internet and cable transfer of audiovisual and/or radio programmes;
  • cautions in cases of violation of provisions of the Act and executive regulations and/or charge pursuant to violation provisions of the Act and Misdemeanours Act;
  • keeps records of media services providers;
  • implements the provisions of the Act relating to the protection of pluralism and diversity of electronic media;
  • ensures supervision over the implementation of provisions on the programme principles and obligations determined by the Act; ensures supervision over audiovisual and radio programmes broadcasted via satellite, internet or cable transmission;
  • ensures the implementation of the Fund for the Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media in line with the Act;
  • conducts the procedure of determining whether the provisions of the Act are respected or violated;
  • considers the complaints of citizens on the media services providers’ behaviour with regard to the implementation of acts; passes recommendations for implementation of the Act;
  • promotes self-regulation and co-regulation for the implementation of the Act;
  • cooperates with regulatory bodies of other states and/or European Commission in the exchange of information for implementation of the Act;
  •  submits reports to the Croatian Parliament and other competent bodies; submits reports to the European Commission;  promotes media literacy;
  • organises public counselling and expert gatherings and conducts analysis concerning certain issues in the electronic media sector;
  • passes the annual work programme of the Agency;
  • and performs other tasks stipulated by the Act and a special act as well as the Statute of Agency.
Fund for the Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media

The Fund for the Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media is the Fund of the Electronic Media Agency. The sources of financial means for the Fund are secured by the provisions of this Act and the Croatian Radio Television Act. The Fund's means should stimulate the production and broadcasting of audiovisual and radio programmes of television and/or radio broadcasters at the local and regional levels which are of public interest and audiovisual and as well as radio programmes of non-profit television and/or radio broadcasters which are particularly important for: the exercise of citizens' right to public information, the promotion of cultural diversity and fostering of cultural heritage, the development of education, science and arts, the promotion of works in dialects of the Croatian language, promotion of specialized programmes in the areas of special state concern, the national minorities in the Republic of Croatia, the promotion of the development of the awareness of gender equality, the promotion of the programmes for the children and youth aiming at enhancing their well being. The Fund’s means should stimulate the employment of highly qualified skilled employees in television and/or radio broadcasters at the local and regional levels and non-profit television and/or radio broadcasters. The decision of fund allocations is made by the Council.

The Council Members

Composition :

Mirjana Rakić, chairwoman

Damir Hajduk, deputy chairman

Vesna Roller, member

Gordana Simonović, member

Suzana Kunac, member

Robert Tomijenovic, member

Jagićeva 31, 10 000 Zagreb, CROATIA
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