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CNA (National Council of Audiovisual)

National Council of Audiovisual


Foundation and status

The National Audiovisual Council  of Lebanon was established in 1996 in accordance with Article 19 of Law No. 382/1994 on Radio and Television Broadcasting.

It acts as an advisory body to the Council of Ministers, under the Ministry of Information. Its budget is approved by the Parliament and included in the one of the  Ministry of Information.



The Council consists of 10 members, half appointed by the government and half by the Parliament.


President : Abdel Hadi Mahfouz.



The National Audiovisual Council  in accordance with Article 19 of Law No. 382/1994:

- examines applications for licensing of private radio stations and private television operators. It delivers an advisory opinion to the Council of Ministers who has the right to grant licenses (Article 16);

- exercises program monitoring of televisions and radios (Article 47);

- issues an opinion on the terms of reference of  television and radio broadcasters  drafted by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Council of Ministers (Article 25);

- recommends sanctions for violations of the law by the broadcasters (Article 25) to the   Minister of Information who is liable  to impose a penalty (suspension or withdrawal of authorization).