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AMC (Audiovisual Media Commission)

Audiovisual Commission

Foundation and Statutes

The Audiovisual Media Commission of Jordan (AMC) was established by the Law on Audiovisual Media (Law Nb. 71) of 2002.

It has administrative autonomy. Its budget is set by the Ministry of Information at the Council of Ministers (Article 3 of Law Nb. 71).


The Chairman is appointed by the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the Ministry of Information. He also holds the position of Chief Executive Director of the Commission. He reports to the Minister of Information on the activities of the AMC.

Chair: Ajmad al-Quadi appointed May 4, 2014.

Role and tasks

- Regulates the audiovisual media sector in Jordan in accordance with the criteria of transparence, independence and diversity.

- Grants licenses for equipment and technical means used for radio and television in coordination with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC).


- Issues recommendations for awarding licenses to radio and television to the Minister of Information. The Council of Ministers, on the basis of a recommendation of the Minister may grant, renew or reject a license application (Article 16 of the 2002 Act) without justify its decision.
- Monitors of the obligations issued from the licenses delivered to the broadcasters..
- Issues recommandations on sanctions : In case of violation of the law or non compliance with the provisions of the license  on the part of broadcasters, the AMC recommends sanctions   : financial penalty, suspension (maximum 2 months), withdrawal of the license . (Article 25 of the  law of 2002)
- Opinion : The AMC issues opinion on the terms of reference of broadcasters that  are written by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Council of Ministers.