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HACA (Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle)

Foundation and status

The Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle is an independent administrative authority, which was founded following a political decision to end the State monopoly of the audiovisual communication sector. Its main mission is to ensure the freedom of audiovisual communication, and the freedom of audiovisual enterprise, in the respect of universal principles of pluralism and information objectivity, as well as the values of Moroccan civilization.   

The Haute Autorité is composed of two complementary structures:
The Conseil Supérieur de la Communication Audiovisuelle (CSCA), decision-making body, and the Direction Générale de la Communication Audiovisuelle (DGCA), organ of preparation and execution of the Conseil’s decisions.

The Conseil Supérieur is composed of nine members. The President and four members are appointed by His Majesty the King,two members are appointed by the Prime Minister, and two members are respectively appointed by the President of the Chambre des Représentants and by the President of the Chambre des Conseillers.

The General Directorate is composed of five departments and three units depending on the General Director: the administrative and financial department, the department for studies and research, the department for programme monitoring, the department for technical infrastructures and technologies, the legal department, and the unities of informatics, audit and management control, and documentation.    
Ninety-one persons currently work for the Haute Autorité.