Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities

SATR (Second Authority for Television and Radio)


The Second Authority for Television and Radio is a public authority that regulates commercial broadcasts in Israel. The Second Authority operates by virtue of the Law of the Second Authority for Television and Radio – 1990, modified in 2000.

The Second Authority represents the public interest in the commercial broadcasting channels in Israel, enables their operations and regulates them, promotes original productions, protects against the offense of the public interest, encourages the incorporation of public interest contents and initiates studies on the social effects of the broadcasts.

A public council comprised of fifteen members, who reflect the variety of publicly held opinions, heads the Second Authority. The Council determines the policy of the Second Authority and appoints its Director General, bases on the recommendation of the minister in charge and the approval of the Government. The Director General is responsible for implementing this policy.

The Second Authority conducts tenders for television and radio broadcasting and grants broadcasting franchises. The commercial channels regulated by the Second Authority  currently include the following communication systems : Channel 2, Channel 10 and regional radio and television stations.
Israel’s first commercial channel was launched in November 1993, thus breaking the Israeli Broadcasting Authority’s 25-year monopoly and establishing nationwide television broadcasts, accessible to all. In 2000, the law governing the Second Authority was amended, and the stage was set for an additional commercial station, which began broadcasting on January 28, 2002. The launch of Channel 10 station heralded the end to Channel’s 2 monopoly on the television advertising market.

The law of the Second Authority regulates the establishment of regional radio stations, operated by private franchisees through commercial financing and under public supervision. Distributed nationwide, from Metulla in the north to Eilat in the south, the first stations began broadcasting in September 1995 and redesigned the map of radio in Israel.