Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities

BAM (Broadcasting Authority of Malta)

Foundation and status


The Broadcasting Authority of Malta is an independent statutory body appointed by the President of the Republic.

Section 118(2) of the Constitution of Malta provides for the appointment of the members of the Broadcasting Authority by the President acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister given after the latter had consulted the Leader of the Opposition.

The Authority is made up of a Chairman and four other members who are normally appointed for a three year term but who may be re-appointed to serve for a further term. According to law the number of members of the Authority may also be increased to six members.  

Set up under the Constitution in September 1961 to control sound and television services in the Maltese Islands, the Broadcasting Authority derives its regulatory functions from Constitutional provisions and those laid down by the Broadcasting Act 1991.

It currently has a staff of twenty-eight employees serving in four departments: the Monitoring Department, the Finance Department, the Administration Department and the Research and Communications Department.