Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities

CRTA (Cyprus Radio Television Authority)

Foundation, Status and Juridical Basis

The Cyprus RadioTelevision Authority was established in 1998 when the Radio and Television Stations Law 7(I)/1998 was enacted.  It is the competent regulatory body for the establishment, installation and operation of private radio and television stations in the Republic of Cyprus.  The Authority is given all necessary powers to enable it to exercise effective regulation and control of the broadcasting sector. The Authority consists of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and five members who are appointed by the Council of Ministers.
The Authority follows very closely the international changes and developments in policy and technology and participates regularly in seminars and discussions organised by European organizations such as the Council of Europe. The Authority is also a member of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities.

The independence of the Authority is guaranteed by the Law and by the powers that is accorded. The Authority has its own services and it is self-funded through the income derived from licence fees and advertising revenues. The decisions of the Authority take effect without any other approval and are subject only to judicial review. Furthermore, the term of office of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and members is 6 years, a year longer than the term of office of the President of the Republic and the removal of any member before the end of their term can be done only under certain conditions expressly prescribed by the Law.

The independence that is provided to the Authority constitutes the background for the independence of the entire broadcasting sector and to ensure the right of freedom of expression.