Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities

RTUK (Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council)

Foundation and Legal Status

The Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council was founded by the “Law nr 3984 regarding the foundation and broadcast of Radios and Televisions”, and have an independent and impartial government artificial person quality.

The Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council is responsible for the arrangement and supervision of radio and television activities.

The Supreme Council Members consists of nine persons selected by the Turkish Parliament considering the member basis of each political party. The tenure of the members is six years and 2/3 of them renewed every two years.

The Supreme Council Members choose one chairman and one deputy chairman. The tenure of the chairman is two years.

The Supreme Council has around three hundred and fifty personnel. It consists of Main Service Units, Law Consultancy associated with the Supreme Council, Office of Supervision Board, Defense Secretariat, Monitoring and Assessment Office, Public Broadcasting Surveys and Measurement Office Directorate, Permit and Allocation Offices, Chief Office of International Affairs, Research and Development Office. Auxiliary Units are the Personnel Department, Training Department, Financial and Administrative Department and Technical Services Department under General Secretary.

The Law nr 3984 accepted on April 13, 1994 and enacted on April 20, 1984 regarding “the foundation and broadcast of Radios and Televisions”  was amended and added new articles on various dates for nine times.